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It's so awesome you are here!

Hi! I am so excited to have you here! I am a Midwest girl that packed up and moved to Florida when I was 19 years old and have been building my home and business here now for the past 13 years! I have a huge passion for animals which almost led me to become a veterinarian but I knew my life’s purpose was meant for something different.  My passion for helping others runs deep especially because I have been on the other side, feeling lost, confused, frustrated and just thought I would never become the person I knew I could be. Not only was I wanting to change physically, I wanted to change mentally and be a person I could be proud of knowing every day I was striving to be a little better than yesterday, building strength and moving forward on my goals in all areas of life. The first step to making a change in the direction of our lives is to take action and that is exactly what you are doing if you have made it this far and that makes me so excited! My goal is to help as many people as possible become the best versions of themselves mentally, physically and emotionally in any way I can wether that is working directly together through online personal training, through The Mindful Gainz Podcast or my free monthly newsletter.

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LM fitness Website Titles-9.png
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LM fitness Website Titles-9.png
LM fitness Website Titles-9.png
LM fitness Website Titles-9.png
LM fitness Website Titles-9.png
Initial Guides-2.png
LM fitness Website Titles-9.png
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LM fitness Website Titles-9.png
LM fitness Website Titles-9.png

I am one of 6 kids

being second to the

youngest and always

joke about being my Dad’s

favorite even though he won’t admit it My Dad has and will do anything in his power to provide the best for his kids and always talk us from a young age how important a strong work ethic is. When I was younger I remember asking him for extra money to go to the mall and he said “You need to get a job.” I was 14 at the time and remember being angry but I happily took myself to Happy Joe’s Pizza and got my first job and the rest is history. Learning a strong work ethic at a young age I didn’t know then how much it would make a difference in me as I got older and I am forever thankful to my Dad for this. He also is the first person I call when I have any questions, especially medical questions because he ALWAYS knows the answer and I think that is so cool! Love you Dad!

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It’s hard to say Amber is just my best friend because she is so much more then that she is my family. She has been my constant since we were

12 years old and we have been through so many life experiences together in life so far. Through

the good times and the bad she

is always there and through the hardest year of my life she flex

down multiple times to spend time with my Mom and be there to support me. She is an incredible friend, Mom, wife and athlete in the gym and I am forever grateful to have her in my circle! 

Matt and I met against all odds, post pandemic and life has been so much brighter ever since he came into mine! When asked what we were

looking for in a significant other we both

were told we were in search of unicorns and

these people did not exist. Well as corny as it sounds we both found our unicorn! Matt is

an ICU nurse as well as active in the reserves

for the Coast Guard which he served active

duty for 9 years. We both have a passion for working out, love for dogs, reading, learning and spending quality time with each other weather that is traveling to hike or relaxing out for dinner or at home! My favorite qualities of Matt are his heart of gold, strong work ethic, goofiness that keeps me laughing constantly and his dance moves that make my heart smile every time!

Gator is my first dog that I had on my own and one of the greatest dogs I will ever know! This sweet

boy had a rough start when he was found in

a wire cage with his sister in the middle of

the Ocala National Forrest starving to

death and left for dead. They weighed

only 13 lbs when they were found but

thankfully a rescue stepped out to save

their lives! When I met Gator I knew he was

the dog I had been looking for!! He is the

ultimate snuggle bug and truly never leaves

my side when we are together! He loves

playing with his brothers, going on long walks and being around anyone and everyone that will let him love on them and have them tell him how handsome he is!


Knox was originally a dog I was fostering for a rescue down in Miami and was only 13

weeks old when he came into my life!

From the very second Knox and Gator

met they instantly became best friends

and I knew I couldn’t let this sweet dog

out of my life. I foster failed and it

was the best decision because this

sweet boy brings so much joy and

laughter to my life with his one of a kind

personality and sweet face! He loves

playing with his brothers, going to the gym

with me to count my reps and make sure I am working hard or just spending time at home cuddled up on any blanket he can find!

Rex is a sweet, loving pitbull that absolutely loves being outside as much as possible especially for his daily walks! Once he sees the leash is coming out he

literally jumps up and down in excitement! Rex

was my Mom’s dog that I happily had move in

with me while I cared for my Mom and there

was no question who would stay after she

was gone. He has grown to love his brothers

and these 3 pups are the definition of

best friends!


Pilgrim is a 17.2 hand 6 year old Appendix Quarter Horse and the horse of my dreams! Pilgrim came in my life January 2018 and ever since life has not been the same in the best way. He is the first horse I purchased on my own and when I made this decision it was one of the most exciting times of my life. We have grown so much as horse and rider since we started and transitioned from western riding to dressage and started our show career in December 2019 and have been working hard ever since. Riding brings me so much happiness and I am forever thankful I have Pilgrim in my life! 

Alexia is a 15 hand 21 year old Quarter Horse and the most beautiful girl in my world! Alexia was my Mom’s horse and she has had her since she was 10 months old so she has been in my life since I was 12! Mom and I had so many great memories working and riding Alexia and even though she started off very wild she has grown into an incredible horse and in 2020 I started showing her in Dressage and she has been an absolute blessing and has helped me tremendously become a better rider. Every ride on Alexia I think of my Mom and know she is watching down from heaven proud of her girl <3


August 22nd, 2019 brought the most difficult season of my life. I lost the kindest, strongest person I’ve ever known, my amazing Mother, to bone marrow cancer.

In August of 2018 she began the year long battle. She fought through 7 rounds of chemotherapy, unfortunately none which worked.



and without question, I had her move in with me so that I could care for her and do everything in my power to save her life. I will forever cherish that year where we got to see each other every single day and was extremely grateful my job was flexible I was able to keep up where her many weekly appointments and be there to support her daily.


Watching the person you love more then anything have the choice of their health taken from them solidified my passion to help others take control of theirs because to have the ability and the choice to do so is truly a gift.


My Mom was a constant shining light in my life and every day since her passing I have vowed to do my very best every single day to be the light for others and to live a life of helping others to make her proud.


One of my life goals is to start a foundation for families that have

loved ones battling cancer in order to offer financial relief so

that they can take more time off to spend with them.


In honor of my Mom, this will be called the

and will give those that need it, the most precious asset we possess - time, without causing more financial burden that they cannot afford.

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LM fitness Website Titles-11.png
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