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How to snack smart!

This is something that can really throw some for a loop when on their health and fitness journey because depending on what you choose for a snack it can either hold you over until your next meal or it makes you even more hungry!

This is why choosing an appropriate snack is so important!

Why is that? If you’re in a habit of grabbing something sweet like a candy bar or leftover donut in the break room the high amount of sugar and fast digesting carbs in those items spike your insulin and when you are not needing that energy from the carbs since you’re if at work sitting it will not be used for energy but stored as fat.

The insulin spike can make you feel more hungry and can also come down fast making you feel tired and want to nap 😴

So what to choose?⬇️

First ask yourself are you hungry or just bored? Mindless eating is a problem so before anything ask that!

Second make sure the snack you choose has a protein source! Protein is going to not only fuel your lean muscle mass it will make you feel more satisfied and energized!

My favorite snacks are Greek yogurt, deli meat on a rice cake, @1stphormLevel-1 bars or soon to come beef sticks, ostrim sticks, veggies with ranch seasoning in Greek yogurt as a dip!

So next time you grab a snack think before you do so that it is helping not hindering you!

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