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So many people will make excuses...

as to why they can’t eat healthy or stick to the plan they have to reach their physical goals.


Trust me I used to be like that and if something came up unexpected I might justify a decision I made to get off track with an excuse when in reality I could have made a better choice.

It comes down to a decision on weather you want to progress forward or take two steps back. I track macros so I always can look for the best choices that will help me stay within my numbers.


Today out and about starting I swung into chick fil a that was a side salad with the 8 count grilled nuggets topped with light balsamic dressing and a large fruit cup.


Macros ended up being 11 fat 29 protein and 44 carbs which was around what I had packed and forgot at home.


I share this in hopes it can help someone that feels they are not making progress on their fitness journey and are noticing patterns of making excuses.


Excuses will always hold you back, making the right decisions especially in the tougher moments weather it is something more simple as choosing a healthier meal or in another area of life it will always move you forward.

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